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Look Out Libya is a community website.  Drawing from the experiences of expats currently living and working in Libya, we aim not only to educate and inform those considering moving to Libya, but also to serve as an information sharing tool and provide networking opportunities for those already here.   Look Out Libya has been pulled together by an incredible and ever-growing team of which we’re incredibly proud.  Read about them below.

Editorial team

Sarah Elmusrati, Kate Minogue, Emma Parker, Fokkelien Spaander.  


Tony Fernandes, Melanie Wrigglesworth, Mike Wrigglesworth,


Taha Jawashi, Carlo Nicolai, Warren Parker, John and Candice Warren

Web design

Sarah Elmusrati

Web master

Scott Johnson

Honourable mentions

Azizi Ahmad, Haitam Alageli, Rasha Arebi, Jacky Baltissen, Natalie Bentolila, Tracey De Maria, Leila El Krekshi, Colleen Flette, Amanda Harrison, Gemma Holt, Sharon Johnson, KhadijaTeri, Maysoon Lange, Claire Leach, Ella Leach, Warren Parker, Neil Penney (Seven Zebras), Tim Porter, Peter Preece, Jill Reid, Kirsty Rice, Anna Searle,  Carmen Smith, Peter Squires, Leina Swehli, Phil Turner, Seema Vasishth, Bruce Weatherhead, Linda Weatherhead, Elle Williams.

Sarah Elmusrati

A US – Libyan dual national, Sarah has spent the past few years studying Architecture in the UK.  Once a university design instructor, she now works on freelance residential projects, whilst chasing her over-active two year old daughter.  Living in downtown Tripoli since 1991, she is an urban girl at heart and makes it a habit of discovering hidden gems in the Colonial and Ottoman buildings of the city center and the Medina.


Sarah is big on food, and can always find an excuse to throw a party.  She enjoys having an early morning cappuccino in the Old City with her husband and daughter, and Thursday dinners with her extended family.  She is also working on her first research project outside academia, a book documenting Libyan food culture, tracing back the origins of popular recipes in Tripolitania.

Tony Fernandes

Having left South Africa in 2002 to study abroad, Tony has been on the road ever since, calling London and Abu Dhabi "home" before arriving in Libya. Ever since arriving he has made it his mission to discover Libya's hidden gems and has attempted to see as much of the country as his one day weekend allows him to. Tony loves to travel and does as much of it as possible. He is fascinated with Arabic culture and will gladly spend hours talking about it over a good shisha (which happens to be his other love).

Taha Jawashi

The newest member to our photography team, Taha is a native Libyan, who is based in Tripoli.  Taha works as a tourist guide where he uses his native tongue Arabic, as well as English and French.  He considers himself merely an “amateur” photographer but we’re not convinced.  Taha has held photography exhibitions in Tripoli and looks forward to more opportunities to have his work on show.

Kate Minogue

Kate once had a proper job as an editor at Oxford UP in England. Since then she has qualified as an English teacher and an exercise instructor and has lived in nine countries on three continents. Having no interest in either golf or bridge, she has engaged in a huge variety of other activities including guiding visitors around the Chartreuse distillery in France and teaching Scottish country dancing in Beijing. If she hadn’t come to Libya, she wouldn’t have played the good fairy in the panto – so it’s all been worthwhile!

Carlo Nicolai

After several years in London and Aberdeen, Italian Carlo felt the call of the Mediterranean sun and moved to Libya in 2006. He would love to devote his time to painting and photography, but in real life he is a geoscientist, which means identifying where to drill for hydrocarbons by relying on foggy seismic data and questionable geological theories. He claims to have been a great footballer in his younger days and refuses to hang up his boots. Carlo has since moved on from Libya but his photography remains as a legacy for all to see in our gallery.  For more about him and his photos view www.elicadesign.net.

Emma Parker

It was New Years Eve 2004 that Emma and her husband spent their first night away from Australia.  It was the beginning of a love affair with London and all things British.  Making a narrow boat on Regents Canal her home, Emma spent four years afloat before trading in her sea legs for those of the desert wanderer.

Now living in Tripoli with her husband and son, Emma enjoys desert escapes, group sing-alongs and indulging in her family tradition of chocolate fondue on Friday nights.

Emma has a passion for languages.  She has studied Australian and British Sign Languages and speaks a very poor French, German and Arabic.  She also does a great English accent.  Just so you know.

Fokkelien Spaander

Having lived in the Netherlands, Australia and Nigeria, Fokkelien now calls Libya home, as it's more than three years since she, her husband and three sons came to live in Tripoli. As a family they enjoy visiting archaeological sites in and around town and eating double hotdogs or egg'n'cheese pancakes at O2.

Fokkelien's own favourite pastime is exploring Tripoli with friends, particularly the retail outlets! Running Look Out Libya with Emma, Sarah and Kate will keep her on her toes, providing the perfect excuse to check out the new shops and cafes which are springing up all over town.

John and Candice Warren

Natives of Canada, John and Candice fell in love with photography and Africa while on a Kenyan safari in 2000.  Now residing in Libya, they are embracing the opportunity to further explore Africa with upcoming trips to Egypt, Tanzania (including a Mount Kilimanjaro climb), Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.  Never without their camera, John and Candice enjoy capturing the many images that Libya’s rich culture and history offer.


The team: