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Al Mina

Where: Upstairs at the Radisson Blu Al Mahary Hotel Tripoli.

What’s on the menu: This trendy all-day dining room serves buffet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The food is beautifully presented and offers a wide variety of cuisine.  The restaurant also serves themed buffet dinners from around the world.  Something for everyone!  Grab yourself a table by the window where you will be able to look out over the hotel grounds and to the spectacular views beyond of the port and city.  Wi-fi is available upon request.

Website: www.radissonblu.com/hotel-tripoli

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labels: Mediterranean, Asian

Chinese Flower Restaurant

Where: Situated very near BHS, on an imposing site between Gurgi and Gargaresh.

What’s on the menu: This restaurant, aims to be a cut above the other three Chinese restaurants, which are all close by. The decor is smart and simple, and the terrace is rather peaceful in the evening. The menu is very helpful, because apart from many dishes being illustrated by a picture, there is also a description of the kind of taste you can expect (e.g. hot, sour, salty, fresh), which makes it much easier to choose a well-balanced selection of flavours.

Review:My partner grumbled over the fact that he had to pay for his tea - but it was a high-quality tea. He also grumbled about the fact that it was served in a glass tumbler which was hot to hold - but they did that to show off the slowly uncurling tea leaves. He did have to admit that they do the best green beans in Tripoli, and I would agree. All our food was excellent, but considerably more expensive than the norm.

Our verdict? A good place to go out for a meal with friends, but perhaps not worth the extra money if you just want good food after a day in the office.” 

labels: Asian

Sultan Restaurant

Where: The Sultan Restaurant has recently re-located from Janzour Village to Benashur.  Specific location to come.

What’s on the menu: The Sultan Restaurant offers an extensive selection of very tasty Indian dishes.  With large tables in the restaurant it is perfect for a group who want to share and sample a variety of dishes.

Open: Saturday to Thursday from 13:00 to midnight and from 17.00 to midnight on Friday’s.

Website: www.sultanrestaurant.ly

labels: Asian

Xian Du China Express Takeaways

Where: Found within the ‘Arches’, Gargaresh Road, Siya Hiya.

What’s on the menu: A Chinese takeaway service providing dishes which are appropriately sized for one, with very reasonable prices.

Contact: +218 917 757 347

Website: www.china-takeaway.com

Email: info@china-takeaway.com

labels: Asian

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