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Socially, expats in Libya tend to entertain in their homes. Expatriate houses tend to be very generous in size and often have a swimming pool within a private garden allowing expats to swim without having to be concerned about covering up.  Restaurants are not plentiful in Libya, so entertaining at home with a shared meal holds an extra appeal.  Having said that, Tripoli is a rapidly changing city and more and more restaurants and coffee shops are opening up, catering to the modern Libyan and expats alike.  Check out our restaurant listing for some of Tripoli’s hotspots.

Aside from meeting in homes, there is a large variety of clubs which expats are able to get involved in.  Some of these include; touch rugby, squash, soccer, running, basketball, fitness training, bridge, book clubs, amateur dramatics, salsa dancing, horse riding, baby groups, scuba diving, pilates, and yoga.

British diplomats and their guests are able to enjoy the British Club which is a private area with bar, swimming pool and children’s playground.  There are one or two clubs which are open during the day to specific oil companies and their guests only.  These have swimming pools (which again place no restrictions on expats), cafés and playgrounds.

The best way to start meeting people once you arrive is to join a club or to go along to a publicised social event – whether it interests you or not!   By meeting people you will find out what is going on around you and determine what you want to be involved in.  Your relocation contact through your employer should be able to put you in touch with social events.  Also, visit our events page to find out what is on this month.

The expat community in Tripoli is still small.  So much so, that if you were to bump into an expat at your local shop or on the street it would be entirely appropriate for you to introduce yourself and even exchange numbers.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Below is a listing of some of the clubs available, and how to contact them:

Amateur Dramatics

The Tripoli Players reformed in 2007. To date they have staged three pantomimes, a play reading, plus an evening of playlets, songs and readings on the subject of marriage.

If you are interested in getting involved or even if you just wish to be on our mailing list,

Please contact: kate.minogue@gmail.com.

Archaeological Society of Tripoli

The Archaeological Society of Tripoli runs regular trips to places of historical interest. They are usually day trips but there are also some visits lasting two or three days to places which are further afield. It's an excellent way of seeing the country if you don't have a car, and is also useful if you don't know how to get to certain places, or just don't want the hassle of driving yourself, or you want to meet people. Membership is a reasonable LYD 15 per year.

If you are interested in joining the ArchSoc this year, contact them for details of their programme and the registration evening on 9 October 2010: archsoctripoli@yahoo.com


An excellent social network and source of information for British and Commonwealth women living in Tripoli, or spouses of British and Commonwealth citizens.  BCWAGS also welcome a limited number of associate members from any other country. 

A group of active volunteers organize social events for women to meet new people, develop friendships and exchange information. Notice of events, useful information, classified requests from and to members, and a newsletter are sent to all members on their database.  BCWAGS also has a small book library  available to members with approximately 500 titles, including recent publishing.

Visit their website, http://www.bcwags.net, for more information.

Boot Camp

Anyone interested in kids' football or adults' boot camp, please contact Roger Walker on 092 806 1096 or by email: thedodge_@hotmail.com

Christian Women’s Group

Meeting weekly in the afternoon in Siraj.  Contact cwg-libya@hotmail.com if you are interested in joining.

Expat Moms in Libya - An online yahoo support group for expatriate mothers living in Libya which is for members only.

Janzour Horse Riding Centre

Offering a range of lessons for children and adults from beginners through to advanced.  Classes are taught by English-speaking, certified instructors.  See attached files for pricing, riding schedule and information on horses pensions.  The riding school can be found opposite the Janzour Beach Hotel and just down the road from the OEA camp.


Riding lesson timetable

Newcomer Tripoli

You don't have to be new to Tripoli to join the following group. These are mainly women from all nationalities who want to keep up to date with activities in Tripoli. To get on their mailing list, contact newcomertripoli@gmail.com

Among the many activities planned are a new rugby group for kids being set up by the French community, all sorts of arts and crafts opportunities, a portrait painter, and activities in French at the Dassault guest house. For further information contact Newcomer Tripoli.

The Tripoli Rugby Team

The Tripoli Rugby Technical Committee invites you to join the Tripoli Rugby team to learn and play the game of Rugby at our new location in Hay-Andolus.  The two-hour session every Friday starts at 6.30 p.m.

The Tripoli Rugby team (formerly known as the Tripoli Barbarians) is looking for new players willing to learn and play or even coach rugby. It's all free of charge and open to ages from 18 to 81.

Join us and let's have fun playing Rugby on weekends.

location > Nadi Shabab al-Wahdawi, Gurgi Road, Hay-Andilous, Tripoli.

contact > 091 795 7096 or email us at: info@tripolirugby.com

Touch rugby

Meeting every Friday at 4.30 pm at the Regatta grass pitch.

contact > Kevin Stein on 091 329 3826

Salsa Lessons

There are now three salsa classes at the Bustan Hotel. Tuesday evening (20.00 - 22.00) is for intermediates. Saturday evening from 18.00 - 19.00 is for absolute beginners, whereas Saturday evening from 19.00 - 21.00 is for those who have done a few classes. Here's a great opportunity to learn a new social skill in Libya!

For more details contact Omar: +218 92 6008 3468 or via email: salsalibya@gmail.com

The Tripoli Film Club

Aiming to explore a vibrant mix of vintage hits, international classics, blockbusters, art movies, documentaries and all points in between; We will be hosting regular film nights at the private Janzour Cinema (within the Janzour Tourist Village).

If you’re interested in subscribing to our mailing list, please send an email (Subject: subscribe )and include your contact.

Email: tripolifilmclub@yahoo.com

The Tripoli Women's Group

This is a new group set up by an American newcomer, via the meetup.com website.  It is free to join and the group welcomes all expat women living in Tripoli or those in regional Libya who travel to Tripoli.  The group is very active with a variety of events organised both during the day and in the evenings.  A perfect way to make a face to face connection when you first arrive.


Tripoli Hash House Harriers

Every second Friday at 17.00.

contact > Roger Dugal on 091 323 3493

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