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No doubt about it, coffee and its consumption is the passion of Libyans far and wide.  From huge mugs of coffee served in modern restaurants, cappuccino in a china cup or a good old fashioned expresso in a paper cup ... you’re sure to find the perfect remedy to that morning, afternoon or evening craving!


Al Marjan shopping centre

Where: In close proximity to the two areas of Khane and the Italian Corner, Nr. Suq Moutalit (Off Ben Ashur)

What’s on the menu: Coffee, juices and cakes which look home made and taste delicious.  Also on offer are great big cinnamon buns and pizza. Self-service. Reasonable prices and friendly staff.

labels: Coffee, Patisserie

Al Saraya

Where: Al Saraya is on the right hand side of Green Square facing the sea.  It is a double-storey building with a significant amount of outdoor seating.  Outdoor umbrellas are emblazoned with Coca Cola branding.

What’s on the menu: Found on the Green Square in the Medina, Al Saraya is a pleasant place to sit and watch people. They serve a good coffee with a nice selection of cakes to choose from. They serve meals upstairs in the restaurant or outside.  Great cafe if eating with children as there is so much space outside for children to stretch their legs under your watching eye.  Al Saraya has wireless internet connection free for its customers.

Review: “I love the outdoor section of Al Saraya. Inside it is often filled with smoke so not a good place to bring your children. For-non smokers it is not the place to be inside.” - Fokkelien

labels: Coffee, Light meals


Where: Heading towards town, Cacao can be found before the Shell office, on the left.  It is the last cafe before the wall of billboards concealing the construction site.

What’s on the menu: Cacao is a modern cafe with glass windows and a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean.  The cafe offers a selection of fresh juices, coffee and sandwiches. Service can be slow at times, especially at 12 o’clock, when the kitchen is occupied with lunch orders for nearby offices.

labels: Coffee, Light meals

Caffe Casa

Where: In the medina opposite the clock tower.

What’s on the menu: A lovely setting for tourists of those who want to be reminded of the context in which we live in Libya.  Right in the heart of the medina, you will find many of the tourist attractions nearby.  Ready made sandwiches, pastries and the typical beverages are served.  Wi-fi is also available.

labels: Coffee, Patisserie


Where: There are two stores found in Tripoli.  The first is found on Gargaresh Road opposite the ‘Mental’ Hospital, along the same strip of shops as the Fergiani bookshop. The second store, which is a much larger store in comparison, can be found in the Souk Thalat (large shopping mall) on the same floor as the children’s games.

What’s on the menu: One look into the windows of Caracalla and you’d think you were anywhere else in the Western world.  Themed exactly like Starbucks or Costa, Caracalla serves good coffee and Western-style cakes.

labels: Coffee, Patisserie


Where: The cafe is found on the Hai Al Andalus sea front, next to O2 cafe.  The turn off Gargaresh Road is after the big post office and mosque.

What’s on the menu: This cafe has been beautifully fitted out to maximise outdoor terrace space and sea views.  Furnished with beautiful imported furniture, it is inviting and and a very cool place to hang out.  You’ll find  the salad, pasta, sandwiches and deserts on the menu.  Highly recommended are the roast beef sandwich and buffalo chicken wrap were sensational!   Coffee (Illy) comes in a variety of combinations and there are several hot and iced teas available also.

labels: Coffee, Patisserie, Light meals

Ewan coffee shop

Where: The Ewan coffee shop is on Gargaresh Road, towards the big roundabout on the seaside. It is on the ground floor of a shopping mall next to the bank with the horse statue. 

What’s on the menu: These days the Ewan coffeeshop is nothing special, but before the influx of western styled coffeeshops, Ewan was the place to be.  The building it is housed in has been left to slowly decay and is in a state of disrepair.  Furnishings are faded and torn but surprisingly the coffee was quite good!  Ewan also has a coffee shop on Ben Ashur road, close to the roundabout.

labels: Coffee


Where: Situated in the Radisson Blu Al Mahary Hotel Tripoli.

What’s on the menu: There is a diverse selection of contemporary Italian dishes, including stone oven baked pizza and mouthwatering antipasti.  With seating indoor and out, overlooking the hotel’s garden and swimming pool, you’ll be reminded of your luxurious surroundings from every angle.  Most importantly, the seats are comfy and the staff friendly so you’ll be able to sit back and relax while you dine in style.

Website: www.radissonblu.com/hotel-tripoli

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labels: Mediterranean, Coffee


Where: The restaurant is found on the Hay Andalus sea front, next to the Kashmir Restaurant.  The turn off Gargaresh Road is after the big post office and mosque.

What’s on the menu: With large windows and open doors leading onto a verandah which takes full advantage of the Mediterranean Sea front, Lamma is the ultimate place to chill out in Tripoli, day or night.  Lamma is beautifully decorated with original art pieces which gives it a unique and modern feel and immediate sense of character.  The menu is largely based on a mediterranean diet.

Contact (Tel): +218 21 477 0943

Website: www.lamma.ly

labels: Mediterranean, Coffee

La Scala

Where: Gargaresh Road, situated above the large jewellery store in Hai Al Andalus, just a few doors down from Cook Door (on the same side).

What’s on the menu: A new restaurant to Gargaresh, the French and Italian restaurant, La Scala is all class from the marble staircase leading upstairs, to the chandeliers and tea light candles above. 

The service is a little slow (not unlike most establishments in Libya), but is of a very high standard.  The restaurant is staffed predominantly with Maltese waiting staff so there are no language barriers for English-speaking expats.  The food is reasonably priced and of excellent standard.

And just so you don’t get sick of the decor, there are two options.  Whilst they serve the same menu in both areas, there are two separate restaurants, one with sleek white modern upholstery and fittings and one with a traditional style, complete with leather lounges where you can sip coffee after dinner should you choose.

labels: Mediterranean, Coffee, Seafood

Lino's Coffee

Where: Going down Gargaresh towards Tripoli it is just before the first petrol station on your right. In cafe terms this puts it between Cacao and Veranda, on the same side as Veranda.

What’s on the menu: Always buzzing with customers, Lino’s is popular with both Libyans and expats alike.  With a modern interior, free wi-fi, a large selection of beverages, light meals, ice-creams, cakes and pastries,  and a pizzeria, you won’t want for much here.  Coupled with views down to the hubbub of Gargaresh, Lino’s certainly feels like the place to be.

Open: 07.00 to 23.00

Review :” Lino's is a franchise of an Italian chain. It is comfortable and spacious, with a downstairs area, terrace, and an upstairs family room (men only allowed when accompanied by women). Salads are crispy and fresh, although my nicoise was a bit bland. You can also get stuffed crepes and small breakfast pancakes (good), sandwiches, panini and cakes (not tried). There are all sorts of coffees including the weird and wonderful incorporating syrups and flavoured creams ( a lifetime on the hips...). But you can also stick to macchiatos, cappuccinos, etc. Open from 7 a.m. there are a variety of breakfast options and it stays open till 11 p.m. (continuously I think). The staff are friendly but it always seems to take a long time to place your order, and they don't always manage to get things to arrive at the same time when you're eating with friends. Nonetheless, I feel very relaxed there and have enjoyed all my visits. I shall definitely be back!” - Kate

labels: Coffee, Light meals

Oya Café

Where: Situated in the lobby lounge of the Radisson Blu Al Mahary Hotel Tripoli.

What’s on the menu: The Oya Cafe extends to a sunny courtyard where you can sit under the shade of a marquee umbrella and sip a mocktail, tea, coffee or whatever takes your fancy.  Benefitting from the hotel’s wi-fi, the lounge is the ideal to place to sit with your laptop and enjoy some time out of the office.  The cafe serves light meals and a selection of various pastries, making it the perfect place for a weekend brunch.  With lovely staff and a relaxing atmosphere, this one gets the thumbs up from us.

Website: www.radissonblu.com/hotel-tripoli

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labels: Coffee, Light meals, Patisserie


Where: On the Hai Al Andalus sea front, O2 can be found behind the big mosque on Gargaresh Road.  The cafe is in the same strip as Lamma.

What’s on the menu: The Americans know their pancakes, so if it’s recommended by the Americans, then it’s got to be good.  O2 is a beach-front cafe serving coffee, sandwiches, hot dogs and fluffy pancakes drenched in syrup (or the condiment of your choice!)  O2 has recently refurbished their premises.  The indoor area is much bigger than it was previously, with nice mosaics and a mural, but more importantly, now with toilets!!!  The outdoor area is the same size as before, but with new tiles and new shading.  As always the service is great and the food delicious.

Review: “Kids love it because you can eat small pancakes and then play on the beach while the boring parents talk. The staff is friendly and the clientele sometimes very interesting. Nice music too.” - Fokkelien

labels: Coffee, Light meals

Patio Cafe

Where: If heading towards town from Regatta it's on the left beyond the wadi, after the first mosque on the left, but before Cook Door. It's a white building on a corner and the dark brown planters with tall border plants are easily visible.

What’s on the menu: This cafe is an absolute gem, but unfortunately indoor seating is incredibly limited so it is best to pick a mild day or early mornings or evenings in the peak of summer.  Coffee and cakes, packaged rolls and sandwiches and a large selection of cold drinks are available.  Recently refurbished, modern decor and prices are dirt cheap.  The cafe also has free wi-fi available on request.

Open: Daily from around 7.30 to 15.00 and then 17.00 till late. On Fridays it is closed in the morning.

Review: “At last, somewhere I can eat a plain croissant for my breakfast! The coffee and cakes are good, and there are also sandwiches (rolls and triangular) which we haven't yet tried. The tables and chairs are smart, the staff are friendly and speak English, and the patio is cocooned by plants. Nonetheless, it is right on Gargaresh Road and there is no escaping the traffic noise. Definitely worth popping in if you're in the area.”

labels: Coffee, Light meals, Patisserie

The Coffeeshop Company

Where:The cafe is found on Gargaresh Road in Hai Al Andalus.  The closest markers would be the DELL building and the Havanah Juice store.  The cafe (like all the others in this strip) is set back from the road on a service lane.  There is a petrol station opposite.

What’s on the menu: This Austrian coffee franchise is very new to Libya and they have opened their flagship store in Hai Al Andalus.  The cafe spans several shop fronts and seats the majority of its patrons upstairs.  From the street it would be a likely assumption that this is simply a coffee, cake and ice-cream establishment, however this is not the case.  The cafe has an extensive menu of pizza, pasta, sandwiches and even some Mexican food. 

If you happen to try out the coffee shop during a quiet time the aesthetic feels a little like the business class lounge at Tripoli International Airport, however once the cafe-goers roll in there is a definite buzz about the place.

With a back entrance leading to ample street parking, we are finding it difficult to find fault in this new cafe.  As is always the case in Libya, customer service is slow but we are hopeful this will change as time goes on!

Open: Daily from around 06.30 to 01.00.

Review: “We sampled cheeseburgers (these came wrapped in a flat bread and were very tasty), a ‘Robin Hood’ sandwich and the chicken fajitas.  The chicken fajitas were absolutely delicious and were served on a hot griddle with a side plate of mini tortillas, cheese, yoghurt and salsa.  We have since revisited for the fajitas countless times!” - Emma

labels: Coffee, Light meals, Patisserie, Pizza


Where: Gargaresh Road, Abanuwas.  If you are driving towards town, head past the blue Maritime building on the left and Lino’s on the right.  It can be found a few blocks down, on the right, past the petrol station (also on the right) and the Pizza house.

What you’ll find: Veranda is a very smart cafe which serves coffee, ice-cream and cakes.  Boasting an Italian pastry chef, the cafe’s glass cabinets provide a selection of delicious morsels to tempt even the fussiest of eaters.   The cafe is very popular with smart young Libyan women, who usually sit in the back, while the male smokers sit at the front.  The cafe has recently opened a larger restaurant on adjoining premises which serves Italian cuisine. 

Open: 08.00 - 23.30 Sunday to Thursday, and from 18.00 - 23.30 on Fridays.

Contact (Tel): +218 21 483 5290

labels: Coffee, Patisserie

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