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Al Aruba

Where: Gargaresh Road (Abanuwas) a few blocks after the blue Maritime building, on the same side, heading towards town..   A glass, double fronted store of moderate proportions, with split levels.

What you’ll find:  An expat hotspot, this store stocks a larger variety of products than you will find elsewhere in Libya.  To list a few of the brands not always available elsewhere; Haribo marshmallows, Quaker's quick oats, Heinz Ketchup, Heinz Baked Beans, Weetabix, Cheerios, Oreos, Cathedral & Pilgrim's Choice Cheese, Dorset Muesli, and Alpine Muesli products.  They also sell a good selection of dairy products and fresh cakes.

Open: Open early morning and late at night.  Aruba is one of the few stores open on Friday mornings.

Korean and Asian food store (QSK Foodstuff Trading L.L.C)

Where: Janzour, in the area near the garden centre. If you are coming to Janzour from the Tunis road, turn right at the first traffic lights. Pass the first junction, two roundabouts (the second one is next  to the garden centre) and at the third roundabout turn left. (This turn is approximately 1.9 km from Janzour traffic lights.) In about 0.2 km after the turn you will see the shop on your right. It is on the ground floor of a two-storey building and has a little narrow terrace with steps in front of it.

What you’ll find: Laver roasted seaweed, shrimp paste, Korean herbal teas, various chilli and barbeque sauces, soy bean paste and other sauces, dried anchovies and squid,  and many other items.  Frozen fish and vegetable dumplings, soy bean pancakes, filleted fish, Japanese and Korean style noodles, and ice creams. There is fresh reddish kimchi in the refrigerated food section.

Contact: If you get lost, call Mohamed who speaks perfect English.   091 746 1615.

Open: Daily from 10.00 until 21.00.

Lotes Marketing

Where: If you face the New China Restaurant (near Cacao), Lotes is a short distance to your left. The name is in big red letters on the metallic grey wall, so is very easy to spot.

What you’ll find: While they have nothing particularly unusual, the shop is clean and well organized and apart from the basics, it sells loose pulses and nuts as well as some useful toiletries. The assistants are friendly and helpful.

Open: 08.00 till 02.00. next day.

Palm City Supermarket

Where: Within the Palm City Complex in Tripoli.

What you’ll find: A range of brands similar to those found in Malta, with a number of those not found in any other store in Libya.  The supermarket is very clean and well set out.  A butcher, delicatessen and bakery can be found instore.  Also sold are a small selection of English books and cook books, celebration cards and homewares. ,

Open: Now open seven days a week.  Saturday to Thursday from 10.00 to 21.00.  Friday from 10.00 to 12.00 and 15.00 to 21.00.

Contact: If you don’t live in Palm City yourself, call ahead to arrange access +218 856 7447.

Souk Atalat Aljaded (New Tuesday Market)

What you’ll find: The mall covers four floors. It houses a number of retail clothing and electrical stores, but more importantly, a large supermarket which sports a gluten free section.  You will also find a greengrocer, and a bakery.

The Dairy

Where: It is situated on Gargaresh Road between the Regatta entrance and the roundabout. Leaving Regatta, turn right and go past the car workshops and cafe. You will see green railings on your right and this is the dairy.

What you’ll find: They sell fresh milk in sealed plastic bags (you have to get the knack of snipping the corners then decanting the milk into a jug), ricotta cheese, yoghourt and thick cream. if you are not partial to the taste of long life milk, you may wish to buy your milk there and keep it in the freezer.  However, once opened it has a very short life.  The best time to go to the dairy is late afternoon. There is always a queue; if there is no queue, it's not open!  However, women don't have to queue - they are ushered right to the counter!

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