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Abiya Restaurant

Where: Near the City Restaurant in the medina, Tripoli. 

Contact: +218 92 501 0736

Al Marjan shopping centre

Where: In close proximity to the two areas of Khane and the Italian Corner, Nr. Suq Moutalit (Off Ben Ashur)

Al Mina

Where: Upstairs at the Radisson Blu Al Mahary Hotel Tripoli.

Website: www.radissonblu.com/hotel-tripoli

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Al Saraya

Where: Al Saraya is on the right hand side of Green Square facing the sea.  It is a double-storey building with a significant amount of outdoor seating.  Outdoor umbrellas are emblazoned with Coca Cola branding.

Andalusia Restaurant

Where:: Housed in the old French consulate near the Marcus Aurelius arch, in the Medina, Tripoli.

Open: Sunday to Thursday from 12.00 to midnight and from 17.00 through to midnight on Fridays.

Contact: +218 21 718-9809 or +218 91 355 5900

Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/AndalusiaLibya

Athar Restaurant

Where: Located opposite Andalusia Restaurant, overlooking the Marcus Aurelius Arch, in the Medina, Tripoli.

Contact: +218-21-444-7001.


Where: Heading towards town along Gargaresh Road (Abanuwas), Cacao can be found before the Shell office, on the left.  It is the last cafe before the wall of billboards concealing the construction site.

Caffe Casa

Where: In the medina opposite the clock tower, close to many of the tourist attractions nearby.


Where: This coffee chain has two stores in Tripoli.  The first is found on Gargaresh Road opposite the ‘Mental’ Hospital, along the same strip of shops as the Fergiani bookshop.  The second store, which is a much larger store in comparison, can be found in the Souk Thalat (large shopping mall) on the same floor as the children’s games.

Chinese Flower Restaurant

Where: A very large multi-storey restaurant with a large terrace which can be seen from Gargaresh Road.  Situated very near BHS, on an imposing site between Gurgi and Gargaresh,

El Mishtal

Where: El Mishtal pizza restaurant and takeaway is a two storey building near the stones roundabout in Seraj.

Ewan coffee shop

Where: On Gargaresh Road (Hai Al Andalus), towards the big roundabout on the seaside. It is on the ground floor of a shopping mall next to the bank with the horse statue.  Ewan also has a coffee shop on Ben Ashur road, close to the roundabout.


Where: The cafe is found on the Hai Al Andalus sea front, next to O2 cafe.  The turn off Gargaresh Road is after the big post office and mosque.


Where: The Radisson Blu Al Mahary Hotel Tripoli. 

Website: www.radissonblu.com/hotel-tripoli

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Hatab Restaurant

Where: Off Ben Ashur (turn off opposite clothes shop with orange band above windows near small white mosque) The wooden sign outside has a knife and fork on it.

Contact: Walid 091 443 3941 or 092 289 7554


Where: On the Hay Andalus sea front.  The turn off Gargaresh Road is after the big post office and mosque.

Contact: +218 21 477 0943

Website: www.lamma.ly

La Scala

Where: Situated above the large jewellery store in Hay Al Andalus, just a few doors down from Cook Door (on the same side.)  Follow the marble staircase upstairs.

Lino's Coffee

Where: Going down Gargaresh towards Tripoli it is just before the first petrol station on your right. In cafe terms this puts it between Cacao and Veranda, on the same side as Veranda.

Murina Restaurant

Where: Off Ben Ashur along the road to St James Clinic that has been dug up for a couple of years.  The restaurant is opposite the clinic and looks very small and shut up.

Contact (Tel): 021-360 2222 or 091 375 5266

Email: murina@africamail.com

Oya Café

Where: Situated in the lobby lounge of the Radisson Blu Al Mahary Hotel Tripoli.

Website: www.radissonblu.com/hotel-tripoli

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Where: On the Hay Andalus sea front, O2 can be found behind the big mosque on Gargaresh Road.  The cafe is in the same strip as Lamma.

Patio Cafe

Where: If heading towards town from Regatta it's on the left beyond the wadi, after the first mosque on the left, but before Cook Door. It's a white building on a corner and the dark brown planters with tall border plants are easily visible.

Open: Daily from around 7.30 to 15.00 and then 17.00 till late. On Fridays it is closed in the morning.

Reasi Restaurant

Where: Alshat Road, Tripoli.  (The large three storey restaurant/complex which is round in design and sits overlooking the waterfront).

Contact (Tel): + 218 21 340 (1710 - 1979 - 2023)

Sicilia Restaurant

Where: Gargarish Road, 7 km, in front of Gofran Mosque.

Contact: 091 422 1353

Email: siciliarestauranttripoli@yahoo.com

Facebook group: Click here to join

Open: Saturday to Thursday from 19.00 to 23.30. The restaurant opens for lunch on request and provides catering also.

Sultan Restaurant

Where: The Sultan Restaurant has recently re-located from Janzour Village to Benashur.  Specific location to come.

Website: www.sultanrestaurant.ly

The Coffeeshop Company

Where: The cafe is found on Gargaresh Road in Hai Al Andalus.  The closest markers would be the DELL building and the Havanah Juice store.  The cafe (like all the others in this strip) is set back from the road on a service lane.  There is a petrol station opposite.

Open: Daily from around 06.30  to 01.00.


Where: To find it, head along Gargaresh Road (Abanuwas) past Lino’s cafe towards town.  It can be found on the right, past the petrol station (also on the right) and the Pizza house.

Open: The cafe opens from 08.00 - 23.30 Sunday to Thursday, and from 18.00 - 23.30 on Fridays.

Contact: +218 21 483 5290

Xian Du China Express Takeaways

Where: Found within the ‘Arches’, Gargaresh Road, Siya Hiya.

Contact: +218 917 757 347

Website: www.china-takeaway.com

Email: info@china-takeaway.com

Zuwaddeh restaurant

Where: Drive along Ben Ashur Street away from the Medina, turn right just after the Oriental cafe, opposite the Septembos clothing shop. It is about 100 m further on the left, on the corner.

Contact: +218 91 3770601, or +218 91 347 0601, or +218 91 353 9337.

Email: info@zuwaddeh.com

Website:: www.zuwaddeh.com

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