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Al Andalous Café

Where: Situated in the lobby area of the Sheraton Four Points hotel, off Gargaresh Road, Hai Al Andalus.

What you’ll find: Sea views (onto a clean private beach), and spacious surroundings.  Coffee, cool beverages and snacks.

Speed: Very good.

Al Saraya

Where: Al Saraya is on the right hand side of Green Square facing the sea.  It is a double-storey building with a significant amount of outdoor seating.  Outdoor umbrellas are emblazoned with Coca Cola branding.

What you’ll find: Al Saraya serve light meals, cool beverages and coffee.

Speed: Very good.

Al Mina

Where: Upstairs at the Radisson Blu Al Mahary Hotel Tripoli.

What you’ll find: This is an all-day dining room where buffet meals are served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Wi-fi available upon request.

Speed: Very good.

Caffe Casa

Where: In the medina opposite the clock tower.

What you’ll find: A lovely setting for tourists of those who want to be reminded of the context in which we live in Libya.  Right in the heart of the medina, you will find many of the tourist attractions nearby.  Ready made sandwiches, pastries and the typical beverages are served.

Speed: Very good.

Lino's Coffee

Where: Going down Gargaresh Road (Abanuwas) towards town it is just before the first petrol station on your right. In cafe terms this puts it between Cacao and Veranda, on the same side as Veranda.

What you’ll find: Large cafe which opens early and closes late.  Large selection of beverages, light meals, ice-creams, cakes and pastries and a pizzeria attached.  Indoor and outdoor (covered) seating areas.

Speed: Very good.

Oya Café

Where: Situated in the lobby lounge of the Radisson Blu Al Mahary Hotel Tripoli.

What you’ll find: The cafe extends to a sunny courtyard where you can sit under the shade of a marquee umbrella and sip a mocktail, tea, coffee or whatever takes your fancy.  Light meals and a selection of various pastries are served. 

Speed: Very good.

Patio Cafe

Where: If heading towards town from Regatta it's on the left beyond the wadi, after the first mosque on the left, but before Cook Door. It's a white building on a corner and the dark brown planters are easily visible.

What you’ll find: This cafe is an absolute gem, but unfortunately indoor seating is incredibly limited so it is best to pick a mild day or early mornings or evenings in the peak of summer.  Coffee and cakes, packaged rolls and sandwiches and a large selection of cold drinks are available.  Recently refurbished, modern decor and prices are dirt cheap.

Open: Daily from around 7.30 to 15.00 and then 17.00 till late. On Fridays it is closed in the morning.

Speed: Inconsistent.  Our blackberry picked up a signal immediately but we failed to go online using our laptop.

The Coffeeshop Company

Where: Gargaresh Road in Hai Al Andalus.  The closest markers would be the DELL building and the Havanah Juice store.  The cafe (like all the others in this strip) is set back from the road on a service lane.  There is a petrol station opposite.

What you’ll find: An extensive menu of pizza, pasta, sandwiches and Mexican food.  The usual beverages and a selection of cakes, pastries and icecreams.  Ample street parking accessible via a back entrance.

Open: Daily from around 06.30  to 01.00.

Speed: Very good.

Tripoli International Airport Business Class Lounge

What you’ll find: There’s not much else to do in the lounge other than eat and surf the web as the usual conveniences or comforts are not available.

Speed: Very good.


Where: Gargaresh Road, Abanuwas.  If you are driving towards town, head past the blue Maritime building on the left and Lino’s on the right.  It can be found a few blocks down, on the right, past the petrol station (also on the right) and the Pizza house.

What you’ll find: Veranda has a small cafe which serves coffee, ice-cream and cakes and a larger restaurant on adjoining premises which serves Italian cuisine. 

Open: 08.00 - 23.30 Sunday to Thursday, and from 18.00 - 23.30 on Fridays.

Speed: Inconsistent.  At times we have not been able to get a signal at all.

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