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A listing of some of the restaurants and cafes in Tripoli with reviews made by the community of expats in Libya.  Overall, opinions on these restaurants differ from person to person. The best thing to do is to try them all and let us know what you think!

Have a look down the page at the restaurants listed in alphabetical order, or simply view the listings by their labels; Asian, Mediterranean, Seafood, Coffee,Light Meals, Patisserie, Shisha,


Abiya Restaurant

What’s on the menu: On the menu is a highly recommended Octopus salad.  Also served are a variety of seafood dishes, such as fish soup, spicy carrot salad, fish and couscous. > read more

labels: Mediterranean, Seafood

Al Marjan shopping centre

What’s on the menu: Coffee, juices and cakes which look home made and taste delicious.  Also on offer are great big cinnamon buns and pizza. Self-service. Reasonable prices and friendly staff.

labels: Coffee, Patisserie

Al Mina

What’s on the menu: This trendy all-day dining room serves buffet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The food is beautifully presented and offers a wide variety of cuisine.  The restaurant also serves themed buffet dinners ...  > read more

labels: Mediterranean, Asian

Andalusia Restaurant

What’s on the menu: The restaurant is beautifully decorated, with tilework, wrought iron, camel skin lamps, etc. etc. Food is the usual fare: fish, Libyan soup, rice dishes. I'd like to go back on a warm day for coffee and sit on the terrace where you are able to overlook Tripoli’s oldest arch. ... > read more

labels: Mediterranean

Al Saraya

What’s on the menu: Found on the Green Square in the Medina, Al Saraya is a pleasant place to sit and watch people. They serve a good coffee with a nice selection of cakes to choose from. They serve meals upstairs in the restaurant or outside. ... > read more .

labels: Coffee, Light meals

Athar Restaurant

What’s on the menu: Known for their traditional Libyan clay pot dishes, (the dish is brought to the diner in a clay pot which is smashed upon serving), this restaurant is the perfect spot to bring a visiting friend or family member if they are to get the real Libyan dining experience ...  > read more .

labels: Mediterranean


What’s on the menu: Cacao is a modern cafe with glass windows and a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean.  The cafe offers a selection of fresh juices, coffee and sandwiches. Service can be slow at times, especially at 12 o’clock... > read more .

labels: Coffee, Light meals

Caffe Casa

What’s on the menu: A lovely setting for tourists of those who want to be reminded of the context in which we live in Libya.  Right in the heart of the medina, you will find many of the tourist attractions nearby.  Ready made sandwiches, pastries and ... > read more

labels: Coffee, Patisserie


What’s on the menu: One look into the windows of Caracalla and you’d think you were anywhere else in the Western world.  Themed exactly like Starbucks or Costa, Caracalla serves good coffee and Western-style cakes ... > read more .

labels: Coffee, Patisserie

Chinese Flower Restaurant

What’s on the menu: This restaurant aims to be a cut above the other three Chinese restaurants, which are all close by. The decor is smart and simple, and the terrace is rather peaceful in the evening. The menu is very helpful, because apart from many dishes being illustrated by a picture ....  > read more

labels: Asian

Corinthia Cafe

What’s on the menu: For a light lunch or snack try the Corinthia Cafe. Not the cheapest option, but a nice suggestion is to order the plate of mezze or Asian snacks and share with a friend.. > read more .

labels: Light meals

El Mishtal

What’s on the menu: Highly recommended by expats living in the surrounding areas, this restaurant caters to both eating in and take away.   The eat-in experience is not a polished ... > read more .

labels: Pizza, Shisha

Ewan Coffee Shop

What’s on the menu: These days the Ewan coffeeshop is nothing special, but before the influx of western styled coffeeshops, Ewan was the place to be.  The building it is housed ...  > read more .

labels: Coffee


What’s on the menu: This cafe has been beautifully fitted out to maximise outdoor terrace space and sea views.  Furnished with beautiful imported furniture, it is inviting and and a very cool place to hang out.  You’ll find  the salad, pasta, sandwiches and deserts on the menu. 

labels: Coffee, Patisserie, Light meals


What’s on the menu: The restaurant serves a diverse selection of contemporary Italian dishes, including stone oven baked pizza and mouthwatering antipasti.  With seating indoor and out, overlooking the hotel’s garden and ....   > read more

labels: Mediterranean, Coffee

Hatab Restaurant

What’s on the menu: This is a restaurant with character! The atmosphere is cosy and rustic, with weavings decorating the walls and menus printed on leather skins. The food is Mediterranean: fish, pizza, salads; the menu is ... > read more

labels: Mediterranean, Pizza, Seafood


What’s on the menu: With large windows and open doors leading onto a verandah which takes full advantage of the Mediterranean Sea front, Lamma is the ultimate place to chill out in Tripoli...  > read more .

labels: Mediterranean, Coffee

La Scala

What’s on the menu: A new restaurant to Gargaresh, the French and Italian restaurant, La Scala is all class from the marble staircase leading upstairs, to the chandeliers and tea light candles above .... > read more .

labels: Mediterranean, Coffee, Seafood

Lino's Coffee

What’s on the menu: Always buzzing with customers, Lino’s is popular with both Libyans and expats alike.  With a modern interior, free wi-fi, a large selection of beverages, light meals, ice-creams, cakes and pastries,  and a pizzeria, you won’t want for much here ... > read more .

labels: Coffee, Light meals, Pizza

Murina Restaurant

What’s on the menu: You can easily walk past this place without realizing it is a restaurant. But inside you find a large place with red and white check tablecloths and a chiller where you can choose your own fish. It is open for lunch and dinner (daily except Fridays, 11-16.00 and 19.00 - 23.00). The music is quiet so it is possible to converse ... > read more

labels: Mediterranean, Seafood

Oya Café

What’s on the menu: The Oya Cafe extends to a sunny courtyard where you can sit under the shade of a marquee umbrella and sip a mocktail, tea, coffee or whatever takes your fancy.  Benefitting from the hotel’s wi-fi, the lounge is the ideal to place to sit with your ... > read more 

labels: Coffee, Light meals, Patisserie


What’s on the menu: The Americans know their pancakes, so if it’s recommended by the Americans, then it’s got to be good.  O2 is a beach-front cafe serving coffee, sandwiches, hot dogs and fluffy pancakes drenched in syrup (or the condiment of your choice!)  ... > read more .

labels: Coffee, Light meals

Patio Cafe

What’s on the menu: This cafe is an absolute gem, but unfortunately indoor seating is incredibly limited so it is best to pick a mild day or early mornings or evenings in the peak of summer.  Coffee and cakes, packaged rolls and sandwiches and a large selection of cold drinks are available .... > read more  .

labels: Coffee, Light meals, Patisserie

Reasi Restaurant

What’s on the menu: This restaurant offers a typical menu of a restaurant in Libya, however the menu is very pricey and in our opinion, you are paying for the view rather than a high standard of food or customer service.  The view, it has to be said, is spectacular, and the setting is beautiful.  The restaurant sits in an ideal position, overlooking the sea front, Tripoli’s skyline ... > read more

labels: Mediterranean

Sicilia Restaurant

What’s on the menu: You may have heard of the Sicilia Restaurant, however few of you may have visited it.  You may in fact consider its very existence an urban myth.  Rumour has it there is a restaurant on the backstreets of Gargaresh Road where Sicilian cuisine is on the menu ...  > read more

labels: Mediterranean

Sultan Restaurant

What’s on the menu: The Sultan Restaurant offers an extensive selection of very tasty Indian dishes.  With large tables in the restaurant it is perfect for a group who want to share and sample a variety of dishes ... > read more .

labels: Asian

The Coffeeshop Company

What’s on the menu: This Austrian coffee franchise is very new to Libya and they have opened their flagship store in Hai Al Andalus.  The cafe spans several shop fronts and seats the majority of its patrons upstairs.  From the street it would be a likely assumption that this is simply a coffee .... > read more .

labels: Coffee, Light meals, Patisserie, Pizza


What you’ll find: Veranda is a very smart cafe which serves coffee, ice-cream and cakes.  Boasting an Italian pastry chef, the cafe’s glass cabinets provide a selection of delicious morsels to tempt even the fussiest of eaters.   The cafe is very popular with ... > read more .

labels: Coffee, Patisserie

Xian Du China Express Takeaways

What’s on the menu: A Chinese takeaway service providing dishes which are appropriately sized for one, with very reasonable prices ... > read more .

labels: Asian

Zuwaddeh Restaurant

What’s on the menu: A very smart restaurant with good Mediterranean food and helpful service. With pale blinds in the window the restaurant provides a tranquil retreat from the hustle bustle of day to day ...> read more .

labels: Mediterranean

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