We at Look Out Libya have been doing a bit of housekeeping this week and have given ourselves a mini-facelift; lots of behind the scenes stuff, the result of which you see before you now. 

So .... what is different?  We’ve updated our menu and made it a little easier to navigate.  Also added are loads of new pages such as kids, churches and clubs.  We’ve also included a new guide to packing for your relocation

To get a good overview of all the topics covered visit our alphabetical subject listing.

There’s also loads of new articles for you to enjoy and some new editions to our photo gallery highlighting Libya in days gone by. 

We've also been reviewing our  Facebook Group.  For those of you not on Facebook , or part of the group,  skip to the next paragraph.  For the 1,400 odd Facebook group users, read  on ...

It has been a policy of ours not to  discuss religious or political issues or to form opinion on such matters in  any of our editorials or articles.  Recently we've decided to enforce  this within the Facebook Group also.  Look Out Libya has never been a  platform to spread opinion but a vital resource for a community of expats who  are adjusting to living in a foreign land, or preparing themselves for it.   

Our aims are simple: to educate and inform those outside Libya on  the expat experience and to facilitate everyday life for those already here.

Since our first days online we've  received countless emails from readers who have been able to connect with  others via our website.  Through the site they've been able to attend  their first playgroup, locate the shop that they'd  heard so much about and never managed to find, and been able to pack  accordingly for a future assignment in Libya.   We're tremendously encouraged by the community  that has been created and I can't help but think that some of the Libyan  culture has rubbed off on us.  Community is something that Libyans do  very well.

Going forward, we hope to continue to  bring the expat community together.  We aim to improve the site, its usability and content, and to continue to  meet the needs of the expat community.   Thank you to everyone who  has been part of the journey so far.

Enjoy the changes and make sure you keep us informed of what you’d like to see on the site.  We aim to please!

The Look Out Libya team.

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By the Look Out Libya team

Sunday 11th April 2010

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