It has been an exciting week for us.  Behind the scenes at Look Out Libya, we are a team of volunteers who are eager and enthusiastic about sharing information, building community and enjoying the experience of being an expat in Libya.

This week, we welcome a new team member, Sarah Elmusrati.  She brings to the team many talents and aspirations for the future of the site.  Being a US-Libyan dual national she offers a unique insight to our readers; an understanding and experience of the West and the inside perspective that only a Libyan can bring.

She kicks us off this week by writing for our editorial ….

“What I most fondly remember about my childhood is my mother lovingly making us every single birthday cake from scratch. Licking frosting off the spatula and munching on the discarded sponge edges was more enjoyable than eating the cake itself.  So when I joined the ranks of motherhood I was keen on passing on this memorable gift to my own child.


This sparked my newly found passion for food, and I never fail to amaze my friends with the fact that I can actually cook.  I baked and decorated my first cake when baby turned 3 months old, and by the time her first birthday came around I had mastered enough skills to produce a cake I was quite proud of.  Good food is about good health; it is also about good fun.  Now a toddler, my daughter enjoys baking with me at least once a week, and I know that she is set on good eating for life when she happily identifies the mangoes, peas and onions at the green grocer's.


The way that Western culture has developed means that there is less and less time to actually cook.  The sight of new frozen foods aisles at many supermarkets in Tripoli makes my heart drop.  In Libya cooking together and eating together is a part of everyday life.  We still manage to gather together at lunch, and on Fridays the feast is on.  The month of Ramadan further reinforces the spirit of food, family and friends.


As Look Out Libya has kindly welcomed me into their family as the new food contributor, I hope that you will join mine in eating together today.  I will keep you informed about how and where to eat well in Tripoli.  And just to give you a little nudge along the path of the ultimate foodie, I will post a monthly local recipe, simplified for your convenience.  I welcome any questions, suggestions or feedback on all things food.


Bon Appetite



Read more about Sarah here.

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By Emma Parker & Sarah Elmusrati

Sunday 25th April 2010

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