This week the weather has been a little crazy; as has my social life.  To sum it up we’ve endured two giblys and enjoyed three 4 year old birthday parties.  Depending on your perspective, the opposite could also be true!

Coming from a country such as Australia, where every drop of water is deemed more precious than gold, it feels so wasteful on the morning after a gibly to spend hours hosing down the dust that has built up all over the paving that surrounds our apartment.  It is of course a necessary evil.  I have no doubt that faced with two or three dust storms in the course of a week the likely result would be indefinite house arrest until such time as a neighbour could wade through the dunes and reach our front door in true good Samaritan fashion.  Note to self; stock up on sweets.  It would be traumatic enough to be trapped indoors for weeks on end without having to pass the days sans chocolate.  

Okay maybe I am allowing my imagination to run and being a little dramatic but it certainly seems that way when the dust is upon us, pervading every teeny tiny hole it can find and making it’s way into our living room.  A note to any prospective expats to Libya; being trapped in your home due to sandstorms is not a regular occurrence!

Having managed to spend an entire editorial commenting on the weather (I am half British after all), I feel it’s time to wrap it up.

The team at Look Out Libya have another exciting week in store with many more new beginnings.  Our photography team are embarking on a new project which you will hear about shortly and we are joined by a new photographer, Azizi Ahmad, who we will introduce formally in the coming week.  Also new this week is Sarah’s first of a monthly ‘In Season’ column, where she takes us through the steps of a delicious Libyan recipe and introduces us to a local Libyan fruit. 

Enjoy, get cooking and have a fantastic week!


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By Emma Parker

Sunday 9th May 2010

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