Look Out Libya has been online for one year!

This week we are celebrating our first anniversary and hope many more years will follow.

The idea to start a website with information on day to day life in Libya came over two years ago and developed on two fronts.

Emma had just arrived in Tripoli and discovered that it was hard to find information on the internet about her new home town so saw a need to fill this gap with a website: Look Out Libya.

Around the same time, Jacky, Kate and Fokkelien attended a coffee morning from their spouses’ company, where the need for a film on Tripoli was discussed. The company wanted to give people who considered moving to Libya an idea what to expect.  The idea of making a video was dismissed since it would have aged the minute it was shot, due to all the rapid changes around town, but all agreed there was a need for more information for expats before arrival and for the ones who, newly arrived, had to find their way around town.  Jacky, Kate and Fokkelien offered to set up a blog on Word Press and decided to do so independently of the company to make sure there would be no conflict of interests.

We were all working hard on our separate projects, till Kate was told by a friend that Emma was working on much the same as she was. We all got together for a coffee and a chat and the rest is history! Emma had the website all set up and the other ladies had the content to fill the blanks. We merged our efforts and did a lot of fine tuning.

Since then the team has grown. We have a core team that meets every week and then there are our photographers and content contributors (even in Bengazi). Jacky has left Libya, but is still very much part of our team and we have been joined by Sarah, who gives our site the much needed local flavour.

On Facebook we have over 2000 friends and it is still growing every week.

We hope you enjoy Look Out Libya as much as we do!


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By Fokkelien Spaander

Sunday 27th June 2010

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