Now just in case you’re thinking that everybody at Look Out Libya has a rose-tinted view of the place, let me provide a counterpoint to last week’s editorial.  I’ll say here and now that I do not love living in Libya, never have done and never will. Mind you, I don’t hate it either! I was away for two months over the summer and as I’ve been back less than a week, my mind has not yet learned to accept how things are here. The first thing I saw when I entered my house was a cockroach, soon to lie dead on my floor and be joined by four friends. Since then, no cockroach has dared show its face. Then I got out on the road and was stunned all over again by selfish and irresponsible driving, on roads which seem busier than ever. If it continues to get worse we’ll start to get gridlock situations where nobody can get anywhere, all caused by a few drivers who think they are more important than everybody else. Something must be done!

I could continue writing in a negative frame of mind for quite a long time, but that won’t make me or anybody else feel better. So on a positive note, let me say that the weather has been very pleasant and, apart from rather a lot of dead geraniums, our garden is looking pretty good. My cats are in superb condition, a testament to the benefits of fresh air, the paltry rations provided by my husband during my absence,  and night-time hunting to supplement their meagre diet. Those grubby little half and quarter dinar notes are going out of circulation at the end of September, and about time too. Some new shops and cafes have appeared over the summer, and I look forward to trying them out. Finally, I have just baked a tray of delicious-smelling focaccia, which I would only do in Libya because I can’t buy it here. Now I am going to sit in the garden and eat some of it!

Have a good week,


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By Kate Minogue

Sunday 26th September 2010

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