One thing is for sure, the team at Look Out Libya have come a long way since our early discussions over coffee at Cacao.  Ideas and ambitions have turned into the real thing: a ‘living’ website armed with the tools to equip any would-be expat to Libya and, of course, our thriving online community of those already here.

Over the last two years our team has grown significantly in number and in nationality.  We now boast a multicultural team of eight different nationalities.  In the coming weeks we’ll announce a new team member.  It is always very exciting to have a new person join the Look Out Libya family.

But for now, it is time to say good bye to two team members who have contributed greatly to Look Out Libya.  The first sad farewell goes to Jacky, one of our core team who envisioned a website which would help shed light on the expat experience in Libya.  She has done just that and Jacky will be sorely missed.  Her warm personality, business expertise, unfailing wisdom and ability to embrace the chaos and diversity of life in Libya will not be replaced easily.  

The second goodbye is to Carlo.  The ridiculously talented Italian photographer who really should be doing it for a living.  Instead he is on his next placement, in the Netherlands, where he reports that he misses the ‘rawness’ and buzzing social life that he and his family enjoyed here.  
For many, the first glimpse they see of Libya will be of one of Carlo’s photographs on our gallery,  a contribution that so many of our readers are eternally grateful for.

The streets of Tripoli are an ever-changing landscape and earlier this year, our team of photographers took to the streets to capture the Libya that we see today.  We produced a short clip from the day which you can view here. No doubt both Jacky and Carlo would agree that the Libya they set eyes upon during their first days as an expat in Tripoli is vanishing fast as the country moves forward.  Perhaps the next time our team take to the streets with our cameras we will see a different Libya entirely.  


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By Emma Parker

Sunday 10th October 2010

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