This Eid holiday we took the opportunity to go on a camping trip in the Sahara desert. We have had this trip on our list for as long as we have been living in Libya and now with a week off school and work we finally had the chance to do it. We were not the only ones. I heard many people talking about their plans to do the same trip and every seat on our plane to Sebha was full.

The first thing we did on arrival in Sebha was to buy Tuareg head coverings for all the men, mainly to look the part (just as tourists do), but they turned out to be really useful in keeping the sand, sun and flies away from their heads as well as serving as a sun screen in the car and a scarf during the cold nights.
From Sebha we drove to Wadi Metkhandoush to see the prehistoric rock carvings of giraffes, elephants, crocodiles and many other animals. It is hard to imagine this high animal population when you look at today’s dry and harsh countryside.
Our first night camping in the Sahara was an experience never to be forgotten. The amazing sand dunes, a beautiful sunset, a clear sky with thousands of stars and the silence. I think I have never slept better. Waking up in the heart of the desert, with not another soul in sight, is truly wonderful.
We went to see the Ubari lakes and the old city of Germa and had another night camping. Unfortunately the wind was very strong that night and made for a very restless and noisy night. When the sun came up we found ourselves covered in sand inside our tents, so we might as well have slept outside like our drivers.
Unfortunately we missed our flight back to Tripoli, due to a misunderstanding and overbooking of the plane, and since all the flights over the weekend were fully booked, we decided to drive back from Sebha to Tripoli. It was a long drive, but it gave us the opportunity to see more of Libya's diverse landscape.
We all enjoyed this trip thoroughly and are making plans to travel to the Akakus area. But first I need to get rid of all the sand we took home with us in our sleeping bags, clothes and hair...
There are many tour operators offering these trips to the desert. We went with Fezzan tours and were VERY happy with their service. Everything was well organized and customer service is something they know all about. When we missed the plane, they only took an hour to arrange accommodation for the night and a car with driver to take us to Tripoli the next day!

If you have had a good experience with a tour operator, going to the desert or somewhere else in Libya, please let us know! Send us the contact details and tell us where you went and what it was like. This way we can make a page on our site with relevant information for everyone who wants to travel within Libya.

We look forward to hearing about your travelling experiences!


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By Fokkelien Spaander

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Sunday 21st November 2010