At present, there are very few international playgroups catering to pre-school children.  As there are many expat families with young children there is a likely to be a long waiting list so it would be wise to make contact and enroll your child before you arrive.

Ladybird Kidz Club

Where: Click here for a map of the location

Ladybird Kidz Club is a very newly designed preschool catering to English speaking children, both local and expatriate.   The centre is based in Hai Dimashik, in front of Khadra Hospital, and is open to children aged 18 months to 6 years.

Open: Sun through Thurs. 8:00 - 13:30.

After school activity club: 14.00 to 17.00

English Language Club: 17.00 to 19.00 (Three times a week only)

Contact (Tel): +218 91 777 2779 or 


Facebook: Click here to join

Little Feet

Little feet caters to English speaking children, both local and expatriate and have two locations; Dahra and Abusita.

Where: Click here to download a map of the two locations and view the flyer.

Contact (Tel): +218 92 382 6123


Planet Kids

Planet Kids provide English and French Playgroups to expatriate and local children.

Contact (Tel): Mohammed on +218 92 538 9891



Preschool, primary and secondary education

There are several schools in Tripoli catering to international students.  Classes range from pre-school through to Secondary School.  Pre-school admissions begin at 3 years, with the exception of the International School who offer a pre-nursery/kindergarten class for 2 year olds.

It is highly advisable to register your child on the waiting list before you arrive as places, particularly in nursery/kindergarten and reception classes, are limited.

The International School Tripoli

The British School Tripoli

The American School of Tripoli

The German School

The French School (Ecole de la Communaute Francaise)

ISM International School

After School Classes

Dutch School Tripoli

The ‘Dutch School Tripoli’ opened in January 2010 and is an NTC (Nederlandse Taal & Cultuur) school, which means it only focuses on Dutch language and culture and the lessons are provided as an after-school activity. The school is accessible for all children from 4-12 years old, with at least one Dutch (or Flemish) speaking parent.

Although situated in Tripoli, the school is based in the Netherlands and we work according to Dutch law. The school has been acknowledged by the NOB (Dutch Education Abroad) organization, which means we will be subsidized by the Dutch government.

We started the school with 16 students, one teacher and one assistant teacher. Lessons are on Sunday afternoon for the young children, Monday afternoon for the older ones, and every six weeks there is a cultural event at the weekend.

The lessons are given in the Wintershall social house in the OEA compound, and Shell is sponsoring the Shell children. If you meet any new Dutch families, please tell them about our school, and we are especially interested in Dutch newcomers with a teaching background!

Contact (Tel): Emilie Van Werff  +218 91 448 8799

Preschool, primary and secondary education

The British School Benghazi - Provides classes ranging from Nursery, Reception and Year One through to Six.   The Benghazi European School is the British School’s partner school and can be found on the same campus.  They cater to students beyond Year Six.

Class sizes are small and prospective parents are advised to place their names on the waiting list for the coming academic year at the earliest opportunity.

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Covering Benghazi and Tripoli, below is a list of playgroups, nurseries and primary and secondary colleges providing education for expatriate children.