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Let’s be honest.  Tripoli is not exactly brimming with activities for those who seek social interaction beyond that of the traditional family get-together.  Expats may find it difficult to adapt to the social life in Libya and it may take a while to find your feet.

Having a full and active social life often requires creativity and a little bit of reinvention, but it is possible!  Here are some ideas you might use to fill your weekends spent in Libya.  You may also wish to visit our clubs page and as always, keep an eye out for coming events.


Janzour Cinema - Let’s go to the movies!

There is no cinema dedicated to English speaking films in Libya, however, housed within the Janzour Holiday Village is the Janzour Cinema.  The cinema shows Arabic films, however they have a private room which expats are able to hire, providing they bring along their own DVD!  > read more

The Museum of Libya - Fit for a King

The building housing this hi-tech museum was built by the Italians for their governor and later used by King Idris. After the revolution it was renamed The People's Palace and you will find it marked as such on maps of Tripoli. (Look a couple of blocks south-east from Green Square.) ... > read more

The grounds at Al Furuseya - Run Forest Run!

Lush green parks, gardens, running tracks and play areas for kids.  Sounds like one of England’s public parks, but believe it or not, Tripoli has its very own Hyde Park.  Al-Furuseya is a public park in the Abusetta area which boasts two large children’s playgrounds and green fields .... > read more

Watersports - Explore the Mediterranean

With many of the traditional western leisure pursuits not being available in Libya, having a full and active social life often requires creativity and a little bit of reinvention.  Catering to young and old, you will be bound to find a course to suit you.  If you’ve never tried scuba diving, maybe this is the time ..> read more

Janzour Museum - Tripoli’s best kept secret

Housed in one of the 18 underground tombs uncovered in 1958, this has to be Tripoli’s smallest museum and as such it often goes unnoticed.  The museum is so small that the average visitor will probably only spend 15 minutes there but it comes highly recommended and is worth a visit.  The avid historian however will find if fascinating ... > read more

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