Here you can read back on the various articles which have been published at Look Out Libya.  Here you’ll read articles from our In Season food column, and many more articles highlighting current events and happenings in Libya.  You will also be able to view the stunning photographic montage our team took on the streets of Tripoli. Take a peek at the snippets below and click on whatever takes your fancy.

In pursuit of wi-fi: Confessions of an addict

Since arriving in Libya I have been in serious pursuit of wireless internet hot-spots.  Having freshly arrived from London where wi-fi is offered in almost every establishment from the laundromat to public toilets (okay I’m taking a little poetic license there), I found the lack of wireless internet in Libya unbearable.  Nothing gives me more ... > read more

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle: The expat wife

The expat wife has a terrible reputation: gin swilling, lazy, diamond dripping, drunk by lunch time, double kissing, designer handbag owning … Do I need to go on?  Of course, now that it's 2010 they're no longer called expat wives, they're ‘trailing spouses’. Yep, thanks for that, I feel so much better now. I love the visual of me trailing behind my husband, hunched over and waiting for direction. Maybe we'll forget about the title ... Published December 2010.  > read more

Communal Eating: The ten golden rules

As with other aspects of Libyan life, eating manners are ruled by both Islamic preaching and inherited customs.  Eating in groups of 4 or 5 from a communal bowl at the sofra (large tray or low table) is the norm in Libya and most of the Islamic world, using your hands or at most a spoon.  The etiquette that governs this is based upon the Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) teachings, with slight regional variations affected by local traditions and lifestyles.  Published November 2010.  > read more

Eid al-Adha: No vegetarians here

For a country in which most of the population lives along 1,770 km of Mediterranean coastline, I find it fascinating that lamb rather than fish is the protein of choice in the Libyan Diet. Lamb takes center stage in all Libyan meals and is considered a status symbol where wealth is measured by the size and abundance of meat served.  The most likely explanation for this stems from the tradition of the annual Festival of Sacrifice, Eid al-Adha ......  Published November 2010. > read more

In Season: Brown October brings the last

In season this month are Pomegranates or Rumman. Originating from Persia and the Himalayas, this was one of the first plants to be cultivated and quickly spread west through the Mediterranean and east towards China.  It has been considered a symbol of fertility in ancient cultures and is believed to be a fruit descended from the gardens of Eden in Islam .... Published October 2010. > read more

Giving birth in Libya: Take a pregnant pause

Imagine you land yourself a great job in Libya, but by the time you arrive here, you find you’re pregnant. What do you do? Whilst Libya is very close to Europe, the standard of health care in public hospitals tends to be low, as shown by the huge number of Libyans who regularly ...  Published October 2010. > read more

In Season: July brings the greatest heat

Summer is in full swing now, and eating is all about feeling light and refreshed.  Now is the time to eat fresh and raw with plenty of fruits, juices, and salads. Go cool by making your own popsicles, sherbets and sorbets; or go hot by turning up the flames and grilling meat, fish and vegetables ... Published July 2010. > read more

Food Safety: The Summer insect knows not ice

When the heat is on the bugs come out to play, and the party always ends up in the kitchen.  Keeping your food safe and your families healthy requires a little more ingenuity during the summer months, from June to September. Arm yourself with these natural war tactics and ammunition, and defend your home, Libyan style! .. Published June 2010. > read more

In Season: June well in bloom

This month, summer fruits are coming into their own.  They are so plentiful that you may find yourself living on them alone!  It is also the last of the mild weather, so get those picnics going before the July blaze keeps you indoors ... Published June 2010 ... > read more

Look Out Libya presents ... Libya through the eyes of an expat.  A photographic journal.

To celebrate a year of being online our team of photographers took to the streets of Tripoli on one day in May.  The intent was to capture a city through the eyes of an expat.  A city that is growing and changing rapidly, yet continues to be rich in culture and vibrant in all the unexpected places.  > view the clip

In Season: Bring forth May flowers

May is the month of bounty.  The erratic weather has started to settle, and spring is swinging into summer.  Flowers are blossoming, trees are flourishing and fruit is plenty.  Local families dot the rural roadsides, enjoying Friday lunches outdoors, in unexpected spots.  Beaches are coming to life, the grills are coming out and its time to celebrate what this month has to offer .... Published May 2010. > read more

Living off the lay of the land

No matter who we are, or where we come from, we all agree that we are what we eat.  That's why the importance of knowing the quality and origin of the food we consume, has grown in the past decade.  We know that local fruit and vegetables will always be fresher and tastier than the ones with high mileage; and that what we feed our livestock will indirectly be fed to us ... Published May 2010. > read more

Meeting the locals : Reading aloud.

Tarek Benrewin has always loved books, so it is entirely natural that he should one day open a bookshop. To open an English-language bookshop in Tripoli, however, is a little more unusual. Although Tarek was born in Libya, he spent his early childhood in Canada, and then ... Published April 2010. > read more


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