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Articles (5)

A collection of articles for the inquisitive and for the newcomers who need a little help getting around.

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Shopping in Libya - an introduction

There are essentially three types of stores found in the shopping districts in Libya.  Dry goods stores, bakeries, butchers and fruit and vegetable stores.  In the fruit and vegetable stores you will find a selection of seasonal produce.   Bakeries sell fresh bread, around the clock, at very low prices. You will find mostly bread rolls, hard or soft, and toast bread. Whole meal bread (“brown bread”) is hard to find.  .  > read more

Now you’re here - a helping hand

The Gargaresh shopping strip offers a good selection of favourite stores.  These stores attract expats from the surrounding areas of Siraj, and Janzour as well as those living off Gargaresh.  For residents on the other side of town, a trip into Tripoli's one and only mall would perhaps be the best bet. > read more

Understanding Flour Numbers

Ever since I moved to Libya nearly three years ago I have been puzzled by the flour on sale here, which is often Italian with a number on it. I have finally got round to looking up what it means. (In Britain and the US the flour packet explains what to use it for.)  > read more

Shopping malls - the ins and outs in Libya

The concept of a shopping mall is very new to Libyans, with the majority of shopping being done in shopping districts where individual stalls line the streets.  > read more

Living off the lay of the land

No matter who we are, or where we come from, we all agree that we are what we eat.  That's why the importance of knowing the quality and origin of the food we consume, has grown in the past decade.  We know that local fruit and vegetables will always be fresher and tastier than the ones with high mileage; and that what we feed our livestock will indirectly be fed to us ... > read more

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