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From personal safety, driving tips and health issues, you’ll find a little bit of everything covered in this section.  A must read before you come and a great resource once you arrive.

Safety: Relocate to Libya?  You can’t be serious?!

Probably the biggest misconception about Libya is that it is not a safe place for an expat to live.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. Strong religious and family values heavily impact society in Libya as a whole and the crime rate is reflected in this.  Violent crime is not a major problem in Libya however petty crime, such as pick pocketing, burglary or car theft is increasing with the influx of expatriates ... > read more

Driving: Cars, Camels and things that go Vroom!

Libya’s roads provide some weird and wonderful spectacles; endless desert roads –often lined with grazing camels- and hair-pinning mountain passes; battered signs and confusing road-work indications; trucks invariably overloaded with every imaginable commodity; cars driving with their bonnet open; small pick-ups with arrogant looking camels, a plucky little pony or an elaborate seven-tiered cake-stand in the back – and these are just the ones caught on camera ... > read more

General Health - Some tips and Tricks

It would be wise to assume that your chicken and eggs have been contaminated with Salmonella.  Just before using eggs, scald them for five seconds in boiling water to clean the shells.  Be very careful when preparing raw chicken.  Make sure all the utensils and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and that the chicken itself is well cooked ... > read more

Emergency situations - Keeping safe

We would strongly suggest that as an English speaking expat, you carry the emergency number of the clinic you are registered with in Libya.  In an emergency situation, help may be quicker in reaching you if you are able to speak freely in English ...  > read more

Clinic and Hospital Listing

A list of clinics and hospitals in Libya ... > read more

Food Safety: The Summer insect knows not ice

When the heat is on the bugs come out to play, and the party always ends up in the kitchen.  Keeping your food safe and your families healthy requires a little more ingenuity during the summer months, from June to September. Arm yourself with these natural war tactics and ammunition, and defend your home, Libyan style! ... > read more