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By Emma Parker

It is best to talk to your relocation contact before you arrive to determine whether your new accommodation will be furnished, and to what extent it will be furnished.

Once in Libya you will be able to furnish a home based on what you are able to find in Tripoli, as most things are available, however you will be very much restricted in choice of style.  If you are particular in your taste, it would be advisable to bring basic articles of furniture with you on which you would then be able to build on with locally sourced accessories.  Quality furniture is very overpriced in Libya so it is always best to bring the majority of your furniture with you.

Once you’ve arrived and have seen your accommodation first hand, you may wish to further accessorise to make your house a home.

A large selection of furniture and lighting shops can be found along the Gargaresh shopping street.  There are also some stores in the surrounding areas of Siraj and Janzour.

Home appliances are in abundance in Tripoli and it won’t be difficult to stumble upon a Homewares shop.  There is also a large homewares shop in the Souk Atalat Aljaded (New Tuesday Market).

Traditional and modern rugs can be sourced locally for reasonable prices and will give any room a rich texture and warmth.

Top tip: Avoid the Gargaresh stores and head to Souk Abu Slim (nearby to the Tripoli Zoo) where you will find an entire street dedicated to selling modern and traditional style rugs.  If you’re unable to speak Arabic, take an Arabic speaker with you to ensure you are not overcharged.

Scattered around Tripoli are a number of plant nurseries and farms selling a wealth of fully grown lush green plants which will bring life to your space.  The plants are reasonably priced and for very little you can transform your living space into a cool and relaxing place to be.

Terracotta Pots can be sourced locally also, however for an extensive range, and a day trip out of Tripoli, visit Gharyan, whose roadside boasts a plethora of pots in a magnitude of different sizes, textures and shapes and for very reasonable prices.   Here you will find small pots for as little as 5 LYD and large pots 20 LYD.  Traditional serving dishes are also plentiful in Gharyan and modestly priced.

Curtain fabric can be sourced cheaply, and the curtains made even cheaper, however you will also be restricted in the texture and design of fabrics on offer.  There is a wealth of fabric shops along Gargaresh and in Benashur.  Curtains are an easy way to make your house feel more like a home, and to reflect your individual personality.

Head to Jama’a Assaqua’a Road, which is found at the end of Bin Ashur Street, coming from town.  The Market is on the left hand side.  It will become obvious as you drive nearer to the area as the shops/stalls are outside on the street.

This area also has a number of furniture shops, where prices are reasonable.  Furniture is typically Libyan style.  This can be a convenient place to shop as there are plenty of pick-up trucks available to deliver your purchases to your home at a small cost.  They will follow you to your home directly.

Often you will find where furniture is sold in more up-market shops, that it will be difficult to purchase one piece of furniture on its own, for example, one sofa or one wardrobe.  Furniture is often sold in complete sets.

By injecting a few new pieces in and adding your own flare and style, you will come home to a space that feels more like your own in such a different environment, that you can be proud of and enjoy.  Not only that, but when you finally relocate back to your home country you will be armed with souvenirs telling of a life abroad, ensuring that Libya leaves it's mark on you, long after your assignment has ended.

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Edited Jan 2010.