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The Indoor Play Centre in Tripoli is a fantastic open plan warehouse style centre with a variety of play areas for children of varying ages.

Small children and babies will enjoy areas designated purely for them, with colourful balls, small tunnels and  soft play houses.  Older children will enjoy the inflatable slide, trampolines and the large frame play equipment including a slide which is the envy of all the parents!  For older children still, there are air hockey tables, pool tables, table tennis and table football in a hall to the side, although it is important to note that these games are not included in the entry fee and tokens must be bought separately.  An internet room is also available.

While no food is allowed into the centre, there is a cafe and a large area for seating.  Given that the area is so safe, parents of independent children are able to sit and enjoy a coffee while the children play.

The cafe stocks unhealthy snacks such as pizza, hamburgers, fries, chocolates and cakes, however as a treat, the benefits of the play centre far outweigh the fact that healthy food is not on the menu.

The centre is kept in immaculate condition (far better than any I’ve ever seen in the UK or Australia), and as such, the staff are very strict on children carrying food around or removing their socks.

The centre is air conditioned which makes it the perfect retreat on a very hot day, allowing the children to burn off energy without overheating or getting sunburnt. 

The centre is also available for children’s birthday parties and has a separate area upstairs.

It is important to note:

  1. For reasons of hygiene, children must wear socks at all time.  If you arrive without socks, a pair can be purchased from the reception for around 2 LYD.  This also applies to adults who wish to enter the children’s play areas.  The staff are very strict at enforcing this.

  1. With the exception of the inflatable slide, and areas for very small children, parents are not allowed to use the equipment.  They may aid their young child but, unfortunately, are not able to use the long slides!

  1. The time limit upon entry is 2 hours.  Staff members will check up on this and make sure you do not exceed your time.  Important to know if you do not drive yourself and need to arrange your driver to pick you up at a certain time.  You don’t want to find yourself standing outside in the car park!

  1. Bringing your own food is not permitted.  All food consumed must be purchased from the cafe.

Where: Directly next to the Sports City Football Stadium.  Housed in a large factory warehouse building.  It is painted white with a light blue trim.  The colourful sign for the playcentre is visible on the exterior of the building but all signage is in Arabic.

Open: Sunday to Wednesday - 09.00 to 20.00, Thurs and Fri - 09.00 - 21.00, Libyan School Holidays - 09.00 to 21.00.

Contact: 021 480 6624 or 092 305 0880

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by Emma Parker