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In Libyan restaurants, Mediterranean dishes play a major part in whetting the appetite of  restaurateurs and their clientele.  Grilled meats, pita bread, hummus and falafel are some of the many delights served up daily on the shores of the Mediterranean in Libya.


Abiya Restaurant

Where: Abiya Restaurant can be found near the City Restaurant in the medina.  There are two fish restaurants in close proximity.  Abiya is upstairs and is usually less crowded than its competitor. 

What’s on the menu: On the menu is a highly recommended Octopus salad.  Also served are a variety of seafood dishes, such as fish soup, spicy carrot salad, fish and couscous.

Contact (Tel): +218 92 501 0736

labels: Mediterranean, Seafood

Al Mina

Where: Upstairs at the Radisson Blu Al Mahary Hotel Tripoli.

What’s on the menu: This trendy all-day dining room serves buffet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The food is beautifully presented and offers a wide variety of cuisine.  The restaurant also serves themed buffet dinners from around the world.  Something for everyone!  Grab yourself a table by the window where you will be able to look out over the hotel grounds and to the spectacular views beyond of the port and city.  Wi-fi is available upon request.

Website: www.radissonblu.com/hotel-tripoli

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labels: Mediterranean, Asian

Andalusia Restaurant

Where: Ideally located for tourists and visitors, Andalusia is in the old French consulate near the Marcus Aurelius arch.

What’s on the menu: The restaurant is beautifully decorated, with tilework, wrought iron, camel skin lamps, etc. etc. Food is the usual fare: fish, Libyan soup, rice dishes. I'd like to go back on a warm day for coffee and sit on the terrace where you are able to overlook Tripoli’s oldest arch.

Open: Sunday to Thursday from 12.00 to midnight and from 17.00 through to midnight on Fridays.

Contact (Tel): +218 21 718-9809 or +218 91 355 5900

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Review: “Hands down one of the best rooftop dining experiences in Tripoli on a summer evening.  Great to watch the sunset, the port and the arch.” - Warren

labels: Mediterranean

Athar Restaurant

Where: Located opposite Andalusia Restaurant, overlooking the Marcus Aurelius Arch.

What’s on the menu: Known for their traditional Libyan clay pot dishes, (the dish is brought to the diner in a clay pot which is smashed upon serving), this restaurant is the perfect spot to bring a visiting friend or family member if they are to get the real Libyan dining experience.  Athar restaurant also serves a selection of Mediterranean dishes, with seafood featuring highly on the menu.

Contact (Tel): +218-21-444-7001.

Review:“The seafood dishes are fantastic - fresh and very reasonably priced.” - Andrew

labels: Mediterranean, Seafood


Where: Situated in the Radisson Blu Al Mahary Hotel Tripoli.

What’s on the menu: There is a diverse selection of contemporary Italian dishes, including stone oven baked pizza and mouthwatering antipasti.  With seating indoor and out, overlooking the hotel’s garden and swimming pool, you’ll be reminded of your luxurious surroundings from every angle.  Most importantly, the seats are comfy and the staff friendly so you’ll be able to sit back and relax while you dine in style.

Website: www.radissonblu.com/hotel-tripoli

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labels: Mediterranean, Coffee

Hatab Restaurant

Where: Off Ben Ashur (turn off opposite clothes shop with orange band above windows near small white mosque) The wooden sign outside has a knife and fork on it.

What’s on the menu: This is a restaurant with character! The atmosphere is cosy and rustic, with weavings decorating the walls and menus printed on leather skins. The food is Mediterranean: fish, pizza, salads; the menu is in Arabic and English; and the staff are friendly. Just one warning, though: if you take something that isn’t on the menu check the price first to avoid getting a nasty shock with the bill! Generally the prices are reasonable. Open for lunch from around 13.00 and for dinner from 19.00.

Review: “a fun place to go with friends and chill” Anna

Contact: Walid 091 443 3941 or 092 289 7554

labels: Mediterranean, Pizza, Seafood


Where: The restaurant is found on the Hay Andalus sea front, next to the Kashmir Restaurant.  The turn off Gargaresh Road is after the big post office and mosque.

What’s on the menu: With large windows and open doors leading onto a verandah which takes full advantage of the Mediterranean Sea front, Lamma is the ultimate place to chill out in Tripoli, day or night.  Lamma is beautifully decorated with original art pieces which gives it a unique and modern feel and immediate sense of character.  The menu is largely based on a mediterranean diet.

Contact (Tel): +218 21 477 0943

Website: www.lamma.ly

labels: Mediterranean, Coffee

La Scala

Where: Gargaresh Road, situated above the large jewellery store in Hai Al Andalus, just a few doors down from Cook Door (on the same side).

What’s on the menu: A new restaurant to Gargaresh, the French and Italian restaurant, La Scala is all class from the marble staircase leading upstairs, to the chandeliers and tea light candles above. 

The service is a little slow (not unlike most establishments in Libya), but is of a very high standard.  The restaurant is staffed predominantly with Maltese waiting staff so there are no language barriers for English-speaking expats.  The food is reasonably priced and of excellent standard.

And just so you don’t get sick of the decor, there are two options.  Whilst they serve the same menu in both areas, there are two separate restaurants, one with sleek white modern upholstery and fittings and one with a traditional style, complete with leather lounges where you can sip coffee after dinner should you choose.

labels: Mediterranean, Coffee, Seafood

Murina Restaurant

Where: Off Ben Ashur along the road to St James Clinic that has been dug up for a couple of years.  The restaurant is opposite the clinic and looks very small and shut up.

Contact (Tel): 021-360 2222 or 091 375 5266

Email: murina@africamail.com

What’s on the menu: You can easily walk past this place without realizing it is a restaurant. But inside you find a large place with red and white check tablecloths and a chiller where you can choose your own fish. It is open for lunch and dinner (daily except Fridays, 11-16.00 and 19.00 - 23.00). The music is quiet so it is possible to converse without shouting and Tunisian manager Mouldi speaks many languages including English, Arabic, French, Turkish and Italian. The menu is slightly different from what one usually sees in Tripoli, e.g. they offer spaghetti with red pesto or linguine with herbs and lemon.

Review: “I’ve never had anything bad here – I especially like to choose my own fish” - Anna

labels: Mediterranean, Seafood

Reasi Restaurant

Where: Alshat Road, Tripoli.  (The large three storey restaurant/complex which is round in design and sits overlooking the waterfront).

What’s on the menu: This restaurant offers a typical menu of a restaurant in Libya, however the menu is very pricey and in our opinion, you are paying for the view rather than a high standard of food or customer service.  The view, it has to be said, is spectacular, and the setting is beautiful.  The restaurant sits in an ideal position, overlooking the sea front, Tripoli’s skyline and the newly landscaped gardens below.  Walled with glass windows, the sunset can be seen from any table inside, should you not wish to brave the sea winds on the circular terrace.  Furnishings are opulent, but not altogether tasteful; a strange mix of over-the-top-glam and neon lighting.  Definitely worth a visit for the view and setting alone, but not sure we would recommend it for repeat visits.  If you do plan to visit, make a booking as the restaurant was very busy.

Review: “The best hot chocolate I’ve had in Tripoli” - Ted

Contact (Tel): + 218 21 340 (1710 - 1979 - 2023)

labels: Mediterranean

Sicilia Restaurant

Where: The official directions are, Gargarish Road, 7 km, in front of Gofran Mosque.  However, if you prefer another landmark, take the street almost opposite Verandah cafe, and head towards the sea.  When you get to the end of the street make a right and then head slowly along the beach road until you see the restaurant on your left.  You will see Bittburger signs on the exterior of the building.  Failing that, you could always give them a call!

What’s on the menu: You may have heard of the Sicilia Restaurant, however few of you may have visited it.  You may in fact consider its very existence an urban myth.  Rumour has it there is a restaurant on the backstreets of Gargaresh Road where Sicilian cuisine is on the menu.  The food is said to be delicious, the atmosphere intimate and it is said to be an unexpected delight.  So unexpected that it is rarely found.  A perfect example of Libyan commercial and residential zoning practices, the restaurant is found on a suburban street, deep within a residential area, and it is in fact, housed in, well, er ... a house. The restaurant is definitely worthy of the ‘treasure’ that should follow such an intense hunt!

Contact (Tel): 091 422 1353

Email: siciliarestauranttripoli@yahoo.com

Facebook Group: Click here to join

Open: Saturday to Thursday from 19.00 to 23.30. The restaurant opens for lunch on request and provides catering also.

Click here to view the restaurant’s promotional flyer and to view images of the restaurant.

labels: Mediterranean,

Zuwaddeh restaurant

Where:To get there go along Ben Ashur Street away from the Medina, turn right just after the Oriental cafe, opposite the Septembos clothing shop. It is about 100 m further on the left, on the corner.

What’s on the menu: A very smart restaurant with good Mediterranean food and helpful service. With pale blinds in the window the restaurant provides a tranquil retreat from the hustle bustle of day to day life in Libya.

Contact (Tel): +218 91 3770601, or +218 91 347 0601, or +218 91 353 9337.

Email: info@zuwaddeh.com

Website: www.zuwaddeh.com

labels: Mediterranean

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