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Provided by Libya Pet Vet

On or about 1 April 2010 Libya implemented a new animal import policy that affects importation of domestic pets.  Libya now requires that pet owners obtain an entry permit for their pets prior to coming to Libya.  This policy does not appear to have been announced to the general public but Libya-Pet-Vet has been informed that some pets have already been denied permission to board flights coming into Libya.  This suggests that airlines have been notified of the change in policy and are enforcing it although there is no way to know if the new policy is being uniformly implemented at all airline departure points. 

A meeting will take place in the next few days between Libyan veterinarian Dr. Jalal Kaal and the Libyan animal import authority to learn the precise steps necessary to obtain the permit.  As soon as the meeting is concluded, Libya-Pet-Vet will post any available information.

For those of you who know someone bringing a pet with them in the next 7-14 days, please contact Dr. Jalal immediately and provide him with the information below about the traveler and the pet.  While he's at the meeting, he will attempt to secure some form of temporary permit for those pets.  If you know someone who is bringing a pet earlier than 7 days from now, please also e-mail Dr. Jalal with the following information immediately and he will see what can be done prior to his meeting.  

Email Dr. Jalal: or call him on +218 92 522 4805.

Name of Traveler

Country of Citizenship

Passport Number

Date of Arrival

Airline and Flight Number

Telephone number

Fax number (for faxing the permit)

Pet description: 

--cat/dog/hamster, etc.





--height from shoulders down (dogs only)

--microchip number

--photocopy of the most current veterinarian-issued official vaccination record

For up to date information visit Libya Pet Vet:

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17 April 2010