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To be honest, between us, the team at Look Out Libya have rarely had a bad pizza since arriving in Libya.  Pizza in Libya can be just as fantastic from a tiny one-man cafe as from a large thriving restaurant.  Most pizzas are thin crusted, low on extras but high on flavour.  Try your luck, you’ll be pleasantly surprised we’re sure!

El Mishtal

Where: Near the stones roundabout in Seraj.

Highly recommended by expats living in the surrounding areas, this restaurant caters to both eating in and take away.   The eat-in experience is not a polished one, but it is comfortable enough.  The pizzas are tasty and crisp. They also serve meals and sheesha pipes.

labels: Pizza, Shisha

Hatab Restaurant

Where: Off Ben Ashur (turn off opposite clothes shop with orange band above windows near small white mosque) The wooden sign outside has a knife and fork on it.

What’s on the menu: This is a restaurant with character! The atmosphere is cosy and rustic, with weavings decorating the walls and menus printed on leather skins. The food is Mediterranean: fish, pizza, salads; the menu is in Arabic and English; and the staff are friendly. Just one warning, though: if you take something that isn’t on the menu check the price first to avoid getting a nasty shock with the bill! Generally the prices are reasonable. Open for lunch from around 13.00 and for dinner from 19.00.

Review: “a fun place to go with friends and chill” Anna

Contact: Walid 091 443 3941 or 092 289 7554

labels: Mediterranean, Pizza, Seafood

The Coffeeshop Company

Where:The cafe is found on Gargaresh Road in Hai Al Andalus.  The closest markers would be the DELL building and the Havanah Juice store.  The cafe (like all the others in this strip) is set back from the road on a service lane.  There is a petrol station opposite.

What’s on the menu: This Austrian coffee franchise is very new to Libya and they have opened their flagship store in Hai Al Andalus.  The cafe spans several shop fronts and seats the majority of its patrons upstairs.  From the street it would be a likely assumption that this is simply a coffee, cake and ice-cream establishment, however this is not the case.  The cafe has an extensive menu of pizza, pasta, sandwiches and even some Mexican food. 

If you happen to try out the coffee shop during a quiet time the aesthetic feels a little like the business class lounge at Tripoli International Airport, however once the cafe-goers roll in there is a definite buzz about the place.

With a back entrance leading to ample street parking, we are finding it difficult to find fault in this new cafe.  As is always the case in Libya, customer service is slow but we are hopeful this will change as time goes on!

Open: Daily from around 06.30 to 01.00.

Review: “We sampled cheeseburgers (these came wrapped in a flat bread and were very tasty), a ‘Robin Hood’ sandwich and the chicken fajitas.  The chicken fajitas were absolutely delicious and were served on a hot griddle with a side plate of mini tortillas, cheese, yoghurt and salsa.  We have since revisited for the fajitas countless times!” - Emma

labels: Coffee, Light meals, Patisserie, Pizza

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