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Shopping in Libya will present challenges to the new expat. Products you are used to buying may not be available, or at least be as readily available as in your home country.  Here is a list of general shopping items, (by no means exhaustive) to give new expats an idea as to what they might expect to find when they arrive in Tripoli.  This will also help you to pack accordingly before you arrive.

Once you’ve arrived in Libya you will need some assistance in navigating your way through the stores in Tripoli.  Inevitably there will be something you wish you’d packed, and you will need to source it locally.  It can be a daunting process at first for some. The following pages provide information on some of the stores you may wish to visit.

Baby & Children

As a newcomer to Libya, one thing you will learn about the Libyan people is that they love children and are very family orientated.  As a result there is no shortage of toy shops in Libya!  However, although not spoilt for choice, the majority of these shops stock cheap Chinese imported toys which tend to break easily.  > read more


There are three international bookstores which can be found in Tripoli.  While stores in the past have stocked mostly educational reading pertaining to learning English or books on Libya, a new book store has opened which stocks a greater variety of books ...  > read more

Clothes & Shoes

In Tripoli, there are a growing number of stores selling western clothing.  Some of the stores and brands featured are; La Senza, Marks and Spencer, Per Una, Mango, Monsoon/Accessorise .,. > read more


It doesn't seem to be possible to buy legal DVDs in Libya. If you can't wait till your next trip home, you will find that almost any software, music or DVD you wish to buy can be found and purchased ... > read more


A collection of articles for the inquisitive, for the newcomers who need a little help getting around, and for those who never can quite seem to find ‘that’ store ... > read more

Hair & Beauty

A collection of articles for the inquisitive and for the newcomers who need a little help getting around.... > read more


It is best to talk to your relocation contact before you arrive to determine whether your new accommodation will be furnished, and to what extent it will be furnished.  Once in Libya you will be able to furnish a home based on what you are able to find in Tripoli, as most things are available with a limited choice of style. > read more


Scattered around Tripoli you will find plant nurseries selling a wealth of fully grown lush greenhouse plants and outdoor plants.  Try to avoid small stores on Gargaresh and head out to Siraj and Janzour, where you will find plant farms selling more variety and cheaper, larger plants. > read more


The concept of a shopping mall is very new to Libyans, with the majority of shopping being done in shopping districts where individual stalls line the streets.  The Souk Al-Thalat (Tuesday Market) is Tripoli’s newest shopping mall .... > read more

Sporting Gear

There are a limited number of stores where you are able to buy equipment for your own personal gym, as well as other sporting equipment, gear and accessories.  It is important to note that vitamins and supplements..... > read more