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Expats share their experiences as they travel through Libya.

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Travelling Tonito: Acacus - Where the Tuaregs roam and the camel is king

Ever since seeing photos of the Acacus Mountains I had been fascinated and desperate to go there but considering the amount of driving involved I decided to visit over Eid Al Fitr as my normal one-day weekend would not be long enough ... > read more

Travelling Tonito: Saharan Camping Adventures

This weekend saw me realize a childhood dream: spending a night in the Sahara desert! It was an absolutely magical experience which exceeded all my expectations and confirmed a couple of things for me: Libya has a lot to offer for the adventurous souls who are willing to explore; Libyans are quickly, in my opinion, rising the charts for the friendliest people in the world; deserts, despite their aggressive and harsh appearance, can be among the most breathtaking landscapes on earth ... > read more

Cyrenaica: Ruins and rifles

I never feel quite as enthusiastic about travelling when it means being ready by 8 on a Friday morning, but at least we didn't have to drive ourselves to the airport. We didn't even have to check in and were able to sip our bland cappuccinos until our flight to Benghazi was called ... > read more

Notes on a Desert Trip: Exploring the Sahara

Thursday 3 April : Left for the airport at 6 p.m.. Issam (super efficient or annoying?) and the driver went to check us in, then we gave our money to the driver who went off. I had a worried moment thinking that Issam had also disappeared and that it was a scam, but he presently reappeared.  > read more

The Desert diaries: Camping cooking lesson

Two cars, five people and lots of camping gear set off on a hot and quiet Friday morning, the last day of Ramadan. In Aziziyah we bought bread, then turned right and took the low road before cutting up past Kabao on to the top road, therefore by-passing Nalut> read more

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