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Please note: due to the unpredictability of visas to Libya, this information should be taken as a guideline only.  Please contact your employer close to the date of your travel/relocation to act as an up to date source of information, alternatively, contact the Libyan Embassy in your country.

Travellers to Libya generally fall into two categories; either business or tourists on an organized tour. A very small percentage of visitors come on the basis of an invitation by a Libyan citizen.  Nationals of most Arab and African countries are not required to hold a visa for entry, however all other travellers must obtain a visa before they travel. Holders of Israeli passports are not permitted to enter Libya, and the presence of an Israeli stamp in your passport may also prevent you from entering the country.

Business travellers

In the case of a business traveller, all preparation for your travels to Libya will be handled by your relevant relocation person, in which case you will not need to worry about what is involved. However it is useful to know that in order to be granted entry into Libya your passport will need to be stamped by the local Libyan Embassy and then translated by an official source.  Your personal identification documents may also need to be translated, such as birth certificates or marriage certificates for dependents.  Expect this process to take a considerable amount of time and you will not be disappointed!

Tourist visas

As a tourist entering Libya, you will need to be part of an organised tour group.  The tour group should handle the process of obtaining a visa and dealing with the Libyan authorities on your behalf.  You should only be required to provide the tour operator with your passport details.  This company will be responsible for you whilst you are in Libya and will arrange your transport, accommodation and meals. A guide should also be on hand for you to translate into your spoken language for the duration of your stay.

Other visitors

A visa may be issued to a traveller who wishes to visit a Libyan resident.  This will only be granted upon invitation of the Libyan resident. They will need to organise your visa from Libya and deal with the local authorities on your behalf.

Returning travellers

Expats should be aware that all foreign passport holders returning to Libya after a holiday or business trip, must visit the Police Station upon arrival (within the following week) to have their passport stamped.  This must be done each and every time foreign passport holders travel. However, if you have a resident’s visa, you need to get an exit/re-entry visa each time you return. Unless of course you have a multi-entry resident’s visa ... Always check what you need yourself!